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I am beyond flattered people want to get my art tattooed on them! If you would like to tattoo a design I have already made, I do ask you purchase a tattoo permit to show a bit of love for my work. 

Once the tattoo is done, please also send over a picture of the piece, as I love to see them. 

custom tattoos


Instead of using an already made design, I also work with custom tattoos. please fill out the form below on what you are looking for and we can get started!

* please note custom tattoo pricing ranges from $200-$500 depending on design details* 

Design details: what do you want included in the design - objects, places, things, landscape? Please share as much detail and be specific as possible.

Color: do you want the tattoo in black and white or color?
If color please let me know what colors you are interested in.

Text: do you want any text included, if so what and do you have a font preference? 

Size: what is the size of the tattoo and placement?

Inspiration: Please share any inspiration images or artwork that you like and want me to follow the style of? Please share as much detail as possible or please send over examples.

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