tattoo permit


If theres a design I've made and you'd like to get it tattooed, you can show some support by purchasing a tattoo permit. I'd also love to see the final tattoo! Feel free to send me an email or message on Instagram of it

custom tattoos


Instead of using an already made design, I also make custom tattoos. 

Just fill out the contact form below with some details on what you are looking for and we can get started!

custom tattoo inquiry form

Please give as much detail as possible, and i'll get back to you soon 

Design details: what do you want included in the design - objects, places, things, landscape? Please share as much detail as possible.

Color: do you want the tattoo in black and white or color?
If color please let me know what colors you are interested in.

Text: do you want any text included, if so what and do you have a font preference? 

Size: what is the size of the tattoo and placement?

Inspiration: are there any inspiration images or artwork that you like and want me to follow the style of? If so please send over examples.